We’re the total package, the one stop shop, and the single point of contact, for all your insurance needs and requirements.

Inhale, Exhale.

We commit to delivering only the best and most innovative solutions for your property and casualty needs. Your most common encounter with insurance shouldn’t cause any spikes in blood pressure but should allow you to breathe easier. With solutions that look far into the future, we want you to be fully prepared for the risks that may accompany your journey so that these challenges are merely tiny bumps on the road of your corporate life and your insurance the stepping stone to your success.

Get Ready, World.

Our property and casualty team is trained to look at your risks from a holistic perspective. Our all lines capability mean that regardless of the risk or the industry, we should be able to find you a solution suitable to your needs and your vision of success. There’s no risk we’re afraid of and our expertise spans commercial and industrial property, business interruption, engineering and construction, surety and bonds, cargo and marine, vessels and aircraft, general liability, and financial lines. It’s a great big world out there and we’re here to help you make sure you’re ready to meet every single one of its challenges.

Our Capabilities

Risk Identification

We help you identify relevant and real risks and exposures and recommend ways of mitigating this through insurance via consultations, on-site inspections, oculars, and periodic risk reviews.

Contract Review

We review contracts, focusing on the fine print covering the liability and insurance sections, and provide comment and solutions to aligned with your needs and business objectives.

Policy Review

We give policies the proverbial makeover, reviewing coverage conditions, deductibles, and pricing, finding ways to enhance your security and carrying out recommendations through to implementation.

Policy Design and Placement

We get your risks backed by the strongest and most stable insurers, marketing the exposure, negotiating for best terms, and placing coverage with insurers who understand your business and will deliver come crunch time.

Policy Administration

We fully service, administer, and manage all of your placed policies, from the smallest change to the biggest endorsements, so that your policies keep up with you as you work your way to success.

Claims Management and Advocacy

We service and manage all claims lodged against placed policies, down to claims presentation, adjuster nomination, insurer negotiation and advocacy, because claims are what it all boils down to.

Right Here, Right Now, For You.

We look at what your risks are and determine for you how your policy should be. We will review your policies and contracts with you to provide assistance and solutions according to what you need. We will arrange insurance based on your risk profile and appetite, your needs, and your specific budget. We design and put together plans molded to what is essential for you. We work with the most reputable, stable, and truly reliable insurers in the country for you to get what you need and when and how you need it. We are your extension and this is what we are most proud about. Breathing easier now? Good.

LLIBI Property & Casualty

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