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Lacson and Lacson Insurance Brokers, Inc. makes insurance work for you. We innovate to create insurance solutions based on your risk appetite, budget, and specific requirements. We help you identify true and relevant operational risks and exposures and recommend ways to mitigate these through a customized insurance solution. We get the most reputable insurers in the country to act in concert to care for you and your business interests. We believe each client has a different story to tell, so talk to us about your needs. We're here to listen and to look for the best way to help you keep telling your story.

There's Nothing We Can't Handle.

Our expertise spans industries. From logistics forwarders to BPOs, to contractors, to energy developers, to technology, entertainment, education, and more, we’re equipped to solve insurance challenges regardless of your industry. Whatever your business interests are, we get things working for you. Property, casualty, engineering, surety, liability, accident, health, motorcar, travel: we do all lines of insurance and if you’ve got risks, we’ve got solutions.

Connections Beyond Our 7,107 Islands.

Our ability to identify risks, review contracts and policies, design and administer policies, manage and advocate claims, and craft the best insurance solutions have led to our membership with the Worldwide Broker Network, the largest, fully integrated network of property and casualty brokers and employee benefits consultants with 102 members worldwide in 101 countries. Lacson and Lacson is the sole Philippine member of the WBN signifying a deep understanding of the insurance, regulatory, cultural, and economic characteristics of the markets in which we operate.

Strength in Numbers

We believe that actions speak louder than words and our actions are supported by the following figures, which demonstrate our financial strength, stability, and stellar reputation as one of the leading insurance brokers in the Philippines.


Established in


Premium Volume (PHP)


Asset Size (PHP)


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Independent Insurance Brokers

Corporate Governance

Lacson & Lacson Insurance Brokers, Inc. supports the objective to raise the corporate governance standards of Insurance Commission Regulated Companies (ICRCs) to a level at par with its regional and global counterparts. In compliance with Insurance Commission Circular Letters 2020-71 and 2020-72, below are the relevant documents related to the corporate governance of the organization.


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2020 Annual Statement

Articles of Incorporation

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Board Charter, Corporate Governance Manual, Rights of Stockholders

2020 Annual Corporate Governance Report and Annexes line break edit


The company is led by the incumbent Board of Directors and Executive Officers:

1. Salvador L. Lacson – Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
2. Lilibeth Y. Lacson – Director/Vice President
3. Nicolas Benigno Y. Lacson – Director/Chief Operating Officer
4. Sebastian R. Lacson – Director/Treasurer
5. Salvador Ignacio Y. Lacson – Director
6. Atty. Jose Mario C. Buñag – Director
7. Brian Michael Cabral – Director
8. Atty. Gay Christine C. Cortes-Lopez – Corporate Secretary

Lacson & Lacson Insurance Brokers, Inc.

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